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August 31, 2008, 12:04 pm
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There is no doubt that Tara is pregnant.  She is really showing.  Even the doormen in the building have taken note.  I think we are now at week 15.  We read the other day that the fetus is now the size of an apple. The placenta must be full size.  So there is a lot inside there already.    

Tara has been having pangs in her lower left abdomen.  She has been having feelings of stretching down in the pelvic area.  It is likely to be stretching of the round ligaments surrounding the uterus. These pains seem to be quite common.  Much of her nausea has subsided.  

Tara said, the other day she choked on a prenatal vitamin.  We laughed so hard she almost wet her pants and ran to the bathroom where, once she sat down on the toilet, she projectile vomited on the shower door.  We were in tears!

So Tara has a tummy.   Bump.  It is more then that, really, her entire body is transforming.  Her chest has exploded and now for the first time in her life, she needs to wear a bra for support and relief.  It is amazing just how fast her body is changing.  I think this is how the doormen noticed she was pregnant!  Because she is so thin I think her tummy is going to really look round.

She thinks she may have felt the baby for the first time.  We were relaxing in the evening and suddenly she felt something.  I have been listening each night to see if I can hear a heartbeat but so far nothing.   — trying to figure out how to record the heartbeat to the computer for fun…


Today is my B-Day
August 29, 2008, 8:36 am
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And I am home sick with a cold, cancelled our dinner reservation at Blue Hill!  BUT I received my first gift from my child.  Yes it is cheating a bit but birthdays are always about transition in some form or another and this feels like an important one – to fatherhood.  So Tara bought me two gifts, one from the baby and one from her.  

She bought me two things from the MOMA store catalog that I had been eyeing — it is very scary how much she knows me.  We are more in love then ever.  

I am getting lots of calls from friends and family.  Tomorrow we will go to Long Beach Island to relax at her parent’s shore house with Jasmine.  I can’t wait to just sleep! 

So we are staying home instead of going to dinner and resting. We are watching the Democratic Convention.

This time next year I will be turning the big 40! And I will be a father!

Jasmine’s New Bed
August 29, 2008, 2:34 am
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We ordered Jasmine a new bed from belladogga.  She is getting arthritic.  She is beginning to show her age.  Indeed, we have to get her a pill organizer to keep track of the fish oil, the pain meds, the anti-inflammatory, and everything else.   She has some cataracts and sometimes mistakes plastic bags blowing across the street for delicious squirrels.  But she still has a spring in her step and a youthful spirit.

I hope she sticks around a long while.  I think about how the baby will come in Feb or March, how that is only 6 months away — I hope that Jasmine is here for it.  

This week Tara and I read on a blog how new parents suddenly hate their dogs –  but it is just so hard for me to imagine such a situation.  We love her so much as she is such a part of our family, and not our child.  She is our dog.  But we love her.  And he is really so undemanding.  A few treats and 2 walks a day is all she asks for, plus scratches.  

So we bought her a bed, Power of Birth colors of course.   


sayonara office, bonjour nursury
August 28, 2008, 5:02 pm
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Today I ordered paint, non-voc paint made with food ingredients from Anna Sova.


We are converting my office to a nursery.  It’s not just my office, it is the Gifted At Birth office.  So we have a lot of stuff.  Most of our inventory is located in storage facilities on one of the sub-basement floors, but there are lots of files, packing materials, and smaller items in bins in the office. This means we are having cabinets made in the living room for storage for all these items.


It is a big transition for me.  I love my office.  It has been many years since I have had a room designated for an office space. 


The cabinet in the living room will have to suffice, but still, it is difficult. 


My office contains photos from India donated by Drew Fellman, books on documentary filmmaking for Pangea Productions, the documentary non-profit I started with Aaron Zarrow, files for Cultural-Capital, my brand consultancy, the Gifted At Birth stuff, and lots of anthropology materials. 


So the deconstruction of the office is hard.  It is the distillation of my identity in its most material manifestation.  The new “office” will have to be seamlessly integrated into this long cabinet, with room for printers, phones, credit card terminals, and computers.  All put away inside of cabinetry.  It is part of NY living. 


We have a large apt for NY for sure, but it is a different style of living… 


The nursery, however, is going to rock.  We are getting this kick-ass modern crib/diaper changing table that later converts to a toddlers bed and is made of zebrawood.  We are painting the closet doors a blackboard paint to chalk on, and the walls are going to be bright orange.   

1st Appointment
August 12, 2008, 12:55 am
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Today, Tara and I drove up to New Paltz to meet the midwives for our first appointment.

We drove through an hour of TORRENTIAL rain. The rain fell like buckets, the semi trucks blew up mist, the windscreen fogged — it was nerve-racking! And we even fought about the directions.

Then we got there and all the rain disappeared. It was a relief.

We assumed that Tara was going to get a cervical exam but the midwife said it was not necessary. They took several tubes of blood and a urine sample but mostly we just talked. We discussed again what the day would be like, logistics like getting supplies to the apt and dealing with the draconian NYSE security guards.

We talked about how Tara has some aches and pains, had to drink and urinate all the time. Her morning sickness seems to have subsided this week so we are all hoping it is a sign that, with a healthy placenta grown, the nausea will subside.

Then one of the midwives placed a Doppler above Tara’s uterus. We could hear her own pulse and then we heard for the first time the heartbeat of our baby. It is so weird to think that there is this little baby inside Tara, a separate person being made.

We stopped off for lunch and had jalapeño poppers.

I decided to get one of these fetal stethoscopes. Tara worries I’m going to get fixated on the heartbeat but I just think it so cool that you can hear your baby. We could also hear the baby moving!