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Vaccine policy dialogue continued
November 16, 2008, 11:44 am
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I received another letter from Dr. Daines of the NY Department of Health.


I am glad to see that they are responsive to public concerns and have taken the time to write a letter that addresses the specific points I have risen. 


The issue about conflicts of interest is one that is not really worth pursuing with this venue.  The response is carefully crafted but really does not address the fundamental issue.  Vetting conflicts of interest does not eliminate them.  Having individuals recuse themselves of votes on specific issues is also a bit ridiculous when the cohort as a group (meaning the ACIP) benefits from reciprocity in voting.  Bottom line is that conflicts of interest have been identified.. http://www.whale.to/v/staff.html


They are waived from the normal exclusions by congress, the argument being that the need for their expertise outweighs the conflict of interest, under the law 18 USC § 208.


Dr. Daines also argue that HepB be administered within 12 hours of birth to prevent perinatal transmission.  If the mother had HepB, you would have to be an idiot not to immunize your newborn.  But maybe Tara has been tested for HepB and is negative.  So there would be no risk of transmission.   But Dr. Daines also argues that cases have been documented of infection from household contact.  I wonder what the probability is of that happening in our house!  All these arguments are fallacious if the vaccine has even the mildest of potential side effects. 


Well what are the possible side effects? 


Oh wait, there have been no studies!    


Now if the bill which began this thread is passed, this vaccine will also become mandatory.  Now what is the public health risk of epidemic if my child is not vaccinated?  What danger does my child impose on another immune deficient child at nursery school. This is the problem with treating all vaccines under a single umbrella. 


Aluminum.  Yes, it is true, there is aluminum in breastmilk.  There  is 40 mcg of aluminum per liter. And a newborn ingests about 1.5 fl oz every three hours.  That’s 0.34 liters.  So that is 13.6 mcg of aluminum per day. 


Research suggests 4 to 5 mcg of aluminum per kilogram of body weight can be safely metabolized.   For a 8-10 lb newborn, that is about 4 kilos, or 16-20 mcg a day – just a little more then you get in breast milk.  Hmmm. 


The Hepatitis B vaccine, oh it has only has 250-500 mcg.  That is over 18-36 days of milk.  Following the CDC schedule gives you up to 1225 mcgs.  


But hey, there is aluminum in breastmilk, and lots of other things (actually aluminum is the third most common element on earth….  But consume enough and you still get kidney failure. 


 DOH Letter 110408


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